About Jake

I love my job. How could anyone do this any other way? I have photographed over 100 weddings since 2010. I started as a 2nd for George Street Photo (national chain studio) before going on my own in 2013.

Continuing education is super important and I am always taking classes and workshops. I try to learn from the best and most respected wedding photographers in the business. I heard one speaker recently make an observation that sums it up completely. Who I am as a photographer depends entirely on who I am as a human being.

We are at our best when we speak and act from the heart. Opening up to love, friendship and trust is the most important thing we can do in this life. Laughing, especially at ourselves is also powerful medicine. Comedy and classical music are my favorite Pandora stations. I try to be gentle, kind and honest with people, even if they aren’t with me.

Every good photograph has both light and dark areas, and a camera’s ability to capture them is referred to as it’s dynamic range. Perhaps we too have a dynamic range. I accept both in people, but choose to focus these days on the light in them.

When I’m not shooting a wedding or designing a book for someone I am working on my BFA in figurative sculpture at SAIC, teaching Jiu Jitsu, hanging out with Louie, my affectionate leopard hound, or just being ‘Skunkle Jake’ to my two nephews.

Jake Self